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Are you a landlord,
property investor or property manager?

Looking for someone who provides you excellent investment return, upgrades your investment, cares for your property, and provides a hassle-free tenancy? 

Your search has ended.

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Long term tenancies

We take on 3-5 year leases and work closely with owners and agents alike to ensure that properties are well maintained and that as an investor your goals are being met without the hassle of regular inspections, lease transfers, or new tenant worries that can be associated with owning and managing an investment property.

Double Management

In addition to you and your principal agency, we conduct regular inspections of the property. We specialize in dealing with and helping the growth of the community environment with all the necessary processes, procedures, and rules in place that makes working with us a pleasure.

Guaranteed Income

Our rents are company back and come through to your account like clockwork. We automate a lot of our payments and cover any loss in rent that may occur which means that for the entirety of our tenancy we ensure that there are no hassles, follow-ups, or disappointment in this regard.


Simple Head Lease

We don’t need complicated structures or frustrating multiple leases signed with every move in or out. Like any other tenancy, we just have a simple upfront head lease over the property.

Professional maintenance of properties upkeep

We have been operating shared houses for over 4 years and understand the importance of having in place systems to keep the house and gardens cleaned regularly. With us, we have professional rostered cleaning and gardening taken care of so you don’t need to worry.

Resident Screening

We focus on communities plain and simple, and being experts at building and fostering the growth of our communities we ensure that we have the right people moving into our places so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a safe, secure, and fun community environment 

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